Surrender of Indian Passport



Surrender of Indian Passport



General Information on Surrender Certificate:

What is a Surrender Certificate?
A Surrender Certificate is issued to applicants willing to surrender their passport at Passport Offices mainly for renunciation of Indian citizenship and acquiring foreign nationality. This is a chargeable miscellaneous passport service.
Where can I get the application form for Surrender of Passport?
We will assist you in completing the necessary formalities for Surrender of passport.
What is the fee for Surrender Certificate?
The fee for Surrender Certificate is mentioned below:
  • If you have acquired the Foreign Nationality on or after 01-Jun-2010 then you need to pay Five Thousand Indian Rupees (5000 INR).
  • If you have acquired the Foreign Nationality before 01-Jun-2010 then you need to pay Five Hundred Indian Rupees (500 INR).
What are the documents required for Surrender Certificate?
You need to submit the original passport and proof of foreign nationality.
Is Police Verification required for Surrender Certificate?
No, Police Verification is not required for Surrender Certificate.
My passport has been expired, Can I get Surrender Certificate for the same?
Yes, expired passports too can be presented for surrendering. Surrender will not be allowed for Impounded, Revoked, Suspended, and Cancelled (against Re-issue) passports.
Do you need to personally visit the Passport Office after online application?
Yes, it is mandatory to visit the passport office to surrender the Indian passport at the closest PSK and collect the Surrender Certificate as per instructions received at the PSK.

Note: In case any penalty or additional fee is due on the passport application, the corresponding passport cannot be surrendered using the new application until the respective payment is made.


Our services for obtaining Surrender Certificate / FRRO Registration / Indian VISA:

  • Online appointment for Surrender of Indian Passport.
  • Online payments for Surrender of Indian Passport.
  • Registration at FRRO after you receive your Portuguese / Foreign passport.
  • Online appointment for Indian visa on Portuguese /Foreign passport.
  • Indian Visa Extension.
  • Exit cum Residence Permit.



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