August is among one of the busiest months of the year for travel. Many countries around the world have school holidays going on at this time. In some parts of the world it’s the warmest and sunniest part of the year, while in other parts, the weather may be much cooler. To add to festivals and celebrations, there are some of the world’s best national parks to explore and serene…Read More
On your next trip in India, want to see something different from the regular sightseeing spots? You can take a journey to any of the offbeat destinations and explore the hidden wonders of India. From monuments and forts, to temples, churches and mosques or historical places, India has numerous hidden wonders. It may be hard to pick the most impressive ones, as each one is a work of art in…Read More
Summer is here! It’s the time that brings back childhood memories of going on summer vacations with family. Summer may be the hottest season of the year, but it is also the time when families, especially children, can have the most fun. At this time of the year, children get off from their school and other working family members can plan their holidays around this time. Most people love to…Read More
In Europe, spring is often considered the most beautiful season. When the summer months of March to May arrive, visitors can experience the best of all worlds. Average temperatures in Western Europe during spring range from high at 14° C to low at 5°C. There is a lot more sun, early sunrises, and late sunsets. With a lot of sunny days, plants and flowers start to bloom, and landscapes transform…Read More
While many nations have been allowing only vaccinated tourists to enter, there are some countries open to unvaccinated travellers or persons who have not been immunized. Travel around the world is slowly becoming easier and you can plan safe travels in 2022 to any of these few countries. Ahead of your travel, check the current rules in place of your destination country. Unfortunately, any activity like travel, comes with some…Read More