Exploring Australia, the ‘Land down under’


Australia commonly referred to as ‘The land down under’, is as big as mainland United States and packs a lot of interesting sights and wonders to see. Located in Oceania, Australia is a country surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. From exploring the wildlife exclusive to Australia to the marine life at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has a lot to offer for a nature enthusiast. If you’re not much of a nature fan, exploring the cosmopolitan cities would be a great thing for you to do in this developed third world country. Australia is a haven of natural beauty, relaxation, adventure, wonderful sights and great shopping. Let’s talk about some of the must-see places while you’re on a trip to Australia.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast-Canals and waterways
Gold Coast – Canals and waterways

Gold Coast is the entertainment capital of the country.  Filled with stunning sandy beaches preferred by surfers, a well laid out system of canals and waterways, Sea World, and Movie World, Gold Coast will give you a complete experience of the city life. At the Sea World, you can witness dazzling and daredevil stunts by the parks ski team and dolphins performing circus-like acts. You can see the sharks from both, above the water and underwater at Shark Bay. The Movie world gives you a chance to meet your favourite stars and catch some behind the scenes action

Gold Coast is a great place to watch humpback whales migrating to and fro from Antarctica, along with bottlenose dolphins and loggerhead turtles. This sunny city is also home to the world’s tallest residential tower, Q1. The tower’s observation deck is by the beach and that makes the view all the more interesting.


Cairns Skyrail
Cairns – Skyrail  (Pic Credit: flickr.com)

Cairns is a tropical paradise. The Cairns Seaport is operated by the Cairns Port Authority. It serves as an important port for tourist operators providing daily reef trips. There are large catamarans capable of carrying over 300 passengers, along with smaller operators that can take around 12 tourists. Cairns Port is also a port of call for cruise ships on the South Pacific Ocean. The marina there houses private yachts and boats used for tourist operations.

The Royal Australian Navy has a base in Cairns with fourteen warships and all six ships of the Royal Australian Navy Hydrographic Service beside the other patrol boats and landing crafts.

Located close to Cairns, the village of Kuranda houses the world most beautiful rainforest. The Skyrail journey immerses you in an intimate rainforest experience where you will relax and enjoy the stunning rainforest scenery, panoramic views of the Cairns’ tropical region and the glittering waters of the Coral Sea.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef-Coral reef system
Great Barrier Reef – Coral reef system  (Pic Credit: flickr.com)

A trip to Australia is probably incomplete if you do not visit the Great Barrier Reef. It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It is home to a diverse marine life of the most vivid colours. The 2300 kilometre long Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world.

The reef contains an abundance of marine life and over 3000 individual reef systems. There are literally hundreds of picturesque tropical islands.

You can experience the reef either on a cruise boat or on a hot air balloon ride. You can stroll through a magical rainforest, laze on the white coral sands, swim, dive or snorkel amongst an amazing display of tropical fish and coral gardens. You can swim, snorkel, dive and sail this living masterpiece.


Sydney Opera House
Sydney – Sydney Opera House

Sydney is also known as The Harbour City. One of the greatest and biggest cities of Australia, it is best known for the harbour-front Sydney Opera House.

The city is a mixture of the beach life and vast metropolitan life. There are several sports and adventure activities like yacht races and festivals all over the year for tourists to enjoy.  Sydney hosted the 21st Commonwealth Games in April 2018.

The Gold Coast is the third largest film production center in Australia and has been the filming site for major motion pictures including Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Thor: Ragnarok and Aquaman.

Blue Mountains

New South Wales, Blue Mountains Botanic Garden
New South Wales – Blue Mountains Botanic Garden  (Pic Credit: wikipedia.org)

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden established in 1972, is a 28-hectare (69-acre) public botanic and curated garden located on the boundary of the Greater Blue Mountains Area in New South Wales, Australia.

Originally known as the Mount Tomah Botanical Garden, it is accessible from the Bells Line of Road. The garden is not only heritage-listed by the NSW State Heritage Register but is also the world’s only botanic garden located within a United Nations World Heritage Area.

It also includes an additional 244 hectares (603 acres) of land that has been dedicated to conservation. The gardens are managed by the Botanic Gardens Trust and specialises and showcases local and imported cool climate plants and alpine rainforest.

Visitors to the garden can select from a variety of the things to see and do – like take guided walks or garden shuttle tours, experience the wildlife or the garden areas and natural areas. Once simply can’t go away empty handed from Australia – choose from any of the Botanic gifts, the fragrance inspired WILDERNESS candles, or a wide range of native yet exotic and endangered plants available on sale.

Darwin City

Northern Territory, The Darwin Waterfront Precinct
Northern Territory – The Darwin Waterfront Precinct  (Pic Credit: flickr.com)

The Darwin Waterfront Precinct is a tourist area in Darwin City, Northern Territory of Australia. Located on Wharf One and Two, it just a five-minute stroll away from the Darwin Central Business District (CBD).

The Waterfront Precinct is built on reclaimed land is managed by the Darwin Waterfront Corporation which manages and promotes the precinct.

Local community and tourists can enjoy various attractions like the Waterfront Lagoon, Goyder Park, the Deckchair Cinema, or even check out events at the Darwin Convention Centre. Don’t miss out on experiencing the wave pool and man-made beach there.

Also on offer are harbour cruises, airboat tours, fishing charters and sailing. Learn a bit of the history of Darwin Harbour or go turtle tracking on Bare Sand Island and get first-hand knowledge about the Olive Ridley and Flatback turtles who visit the island during their nesting season.

For a unique Australian experience, book a trip on the 5 star rated Spirit of Darwin Dinner Cruise, which offers a really relaxed dinner meal on the ocean overlooking the Darwin’s sunset harbour.

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