EURAIL (Train Tickets For Travel Within Europe)


EURAIL (Train Tickets For Travel Within Europe)

We can book the best journey for you, your friends, and your family and help you easily reach any of the 15,000 destinations in Europe with 31 different countries.


As you will be travelling a long way to Europe, you’ll probably be making quite a few journeys by train to get the most out of your trip, then individual point to point tickets are best, but we hope you’ll have time to explore more of Europe with the fantastic rail passes we have to offer.


Eurail passes are perfect for Indians as they have been designed just for people who have permanent residency outside Europe, so it is well worth checking out the benefits. You can also purchase single country passes like the Swiss rail pass or you can visit a group of countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark by purchasing a Eurail Scandinavia Pass.


The Eurail Global Pass offers unlimited train travel throughout 24 countries. This pass is the most flexible as it allows you to travel from 15 consecutive days up to three months and you can jump on and off in any of the 24 countries in any order you like. Most of the passes come with Travel Bonuses so you can enjoy activities and discounts in the cities you visit. Lots of travelers make an amazing journey with Eurail and we can make it happen for you.


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