McLeod Ganj – Home to the Dalai Lama
When travelers talk about visiting the Dalai Lama at the Dharamshala, this is the place they talk about. Approximately three kilometers north of Dharamshala, McLeod Ganj is the residence of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and home to a large Tibetan population, including many monks and nuns. The large population of Tibetans living in this area is the reason the place is also known as “Little Lhasa” or “Dhasa”. The Tibetan government in exile is headquartered here. Named after Sir Donald Friell McLeod, a Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, McLeod Ganj is a perfect blend of traditional Tibetan culture with the Himalayan Mountains. McLeod attracts thousands of visitors from India and all around the world annually to volunteer with the Tibetan community, take courses in Buddhism, meditation or yoga, trek in the Dhauladhar Mountains, shop for Tibetan crafts, or just hang out and enjoy the low-budget spiritual/alternative vibe and the many good cafes and restaurants dishing up Indo-Italo-Israeli-Tibetan food. The main focus of the tourists and pilgrims traveling to this place, Tsuglagkhang Complex houses the main Tibetan temple – Tsuglagkhang itself, the Namgyal Gompa and the excellent Tibet Museum. The Library of Tibetan Works & Archives began its life from the collection of sacred manuscripts after the Cultural Revolution. Today, it houses more than 120,000 books with more than 15,000 books on Buddhism and spirituality. This is also home to one of the most surreal and breathtaking treks in the country – The Triund Hills Trek. Walk past the trodden trails, pine forests up to the hill for the majestic views. If you choose camping and sleeping under 5 billion starts over sleeping on a bed in a 5-star hotel, then this place has to be high up on your bucket list.  Travel to McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh to experience the mix of travelers, volunteers, maroon-robed monks, and nuns, with the snowy mountains of the Himalayas. Book your tickets now with Travco Holidays to get the best deals on tours and travel.

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