Top 5 Things to do in Portugal


A country blessed with all the good things, right from sandy beaches to rugged coastline to cosmopolitan and architecturally-stunning cities, and not to mention, the incredible weather makes Portugal the perfect travel destination for any travel enthusiast.

The cheap prices clubbed with amazing food and lots of wine make it a perfect holiday spot. Being away from central Europe, it sees a lot lesser crowd as compared to other countries. But lesser crowd makes it a better, more local experience for you. Here are some of the top recommendations to visit, and things to do in the colorful and vibrant country of Portugal.


Belem Tower- Portugal

Situated along the south of the western coast of the country, Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. It has an intricate blend of museums, historic buildings, eclectic music and nightlife, squares, and cafés which gives you a complete experience of authentic Portuguese culture. The old, gritty feeling of the city is what gives it tons of character. Following are some places that you MUST visit in Lisbon;

  • Take a walk around the old town area of Alfama
  • Scale the four-story Belem Tower – Lisbon’s most well-known symbol.
  • Enjoy the exotic plants of Jardim Botacino
  • Explore one or all of many beaches Lisbon offers
  • Explore the 2nd-century architecture in the castle St. George


Batalha Monastery - Portugal

About three hours away from Lisbon by bus lies the town of Batalha in the Leiria District. The famous monastery of Batalha which literally translates to the Monastery of the Battle was built to pay tribute to the victory of Portugal over the Castilians in 1385. It is now honored with UNESCO World Heritage status. Walking through this gigantic and impressive gothic monastery and see the interior featuring 16th century stained glass window. The building has seven chapels that are unfinished.


Sanctuary of Fátima - Portugal

Located 142kms North of Lisbon in central Portugal is the town of Fatima, home to the Sanctuary of Fátima. It is one the most important shrines in the world dedicated to Virgin Mary. Fatima’s fame is owed to the Apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary that appeared to three children between May and October in the year 1917. The basilica, built on the far side of the plaza, is flanked by colonnades linking it with the extensive convent and hospital buildings.

Azore Islands

Azores Islands - Portugal

These 9 islands 930 miles off the coast of Lisbon are The Atlantic Ocean’s ‘Best-Kept Secrets’. These surreal islands offer their own unique peaceful and slow-paced way of life, unique wildlife, and stunning beaches. UNESCO designated the Azores a Biosphere Reserve in 2009. These islands are a true example of heaven on earth. Out here, you can spend your days hopping from island to island doing tons of adventure activities like free diving, waterfall rappelling, volcano hikes and whale watching.
With an altitude of 7,713ft Mt Pico, Portugal’s highest mountain is located in the azures islands. With the right conditions, a three-hour climb could give you a glimpse of one of the best sunset or sunrise scene from the top of the mountain.


Lagos - Portugal

Blissful beaches, amazing seafood, and a wild nightlife pretty much sum up the town of Lagos in Portugal. Lagos is a perfect blend of traditional Portuguese culture and beautiful beaches with great tourist facilities. What used to be a famous seaport is now a party hub for backpackers from the whole county and around the globe. Lagos can be used as a base station to explore the entire western Algarve which offers numerous day trips, sights, and activities. Here are some of the things we recommend trying in Lagos;

  • The city castle!
  • Explore all the historic Churches
  • Jump into the sea off the Grottos
  • Laze on the picturesque beaches
  • Hit the waves and do some water sports

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