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Spain, known for its rich culture, heritage and fun loving people, has recently come into the limelight when it comes to different kinds of Spanish foods. People have come to cherish the exquisite flavours and cuisines this country has to offer. Spanish cuisine palate is rustic, vibrant and diverse. Spain makes the best of its local produce. Be it tasty tortillas, or mouthwatering paellas, Spanish food allows fresh condiments and flavours to shine through. In this blog we delve into the delicious Spanish foods that will satisfy your taste buds.


 Bocadillo- Must Have Spanish Foods- Travco Holidays

Bocadillo (Pic Credits:

Bocadillo is a Spanish sandwich which is made with special bread. It is usually stuffed with ham, cheese, pork loin and potatoes. Bocadillos are very economical and usually had at lunchtime as a quick bite. You will find this street food, very popular in cafes in Spain. Bocadillos can have a variety of different seasonings like mustard, mayonnaise or tomato sauce.


Bacalao- Must Have Spanish Foods- Travco Holidays

Bacalao(Pic Credits:

Bacalao or salted cod is a prized dish in Spain. It was brought by fisherman from Norway and Newfoundland. The fish was salted to preserve it as it is not found in local waters. The cod has to be soaked in water for a minimum of 24 hours to remove the saltiness, leaving in a slight lingering tang of it. Bacalao can be served with pil-pil sauce, made of olive oil, garlic and the juice of the fish. The pil-pil sauce is made by moving the cod around the pan quickly, which then oozes out a frothy and juicy liquid.


 Paella-Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays

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The first dish when comes to mind when you think of Spanish food is paella. One of the most popular Spanish foods, it is originates from Valencia. It is a rice dish with seafood. Most commonly used seafood in paella are prawns, mussels, and clams. This lunchtime dish can also be made with rabbit and chicken. The rice has a distinct saffron flavour and brings everyone together to the table.


 Albóndigas-Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays

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A classic item served all over Spain, albondigas is a delicious meatball soup. It has a richly flavoured tomato broth. The meatballs are made with meat, rice and delicately seasoned with fresh herbs, which bump up its flavour. Albondigas is very flavourful and makes for a very satisfying dinner. Its hearty and comforting taste can warm you up on a chilly day.


 Gazpacho-Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays


This is an authentic Spanish tomato soup, famous for being served cold. This delicious drink is smooth blend made with the ripest tomatoes, garlic, pepper, cucumber, bread and lots of olive oil. The Seville summer calls for this refreshing drink in its searing heat. Gazpacho can also be served with pieces of ham as a topping.


 Chorizo-Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays


One of the top notch pork products offered in Spain, Chorizo has gained popularity worldwide. Chorizo is basically smoked ground pork sausage. It is heavily seasoned with garlic and paprika. Its spicy and savoury flavour can be enjoyed on its own or as add-on to any dish. Depending on the variety, it can be sliced and put in sandwiches, eaten as an appetizer or the version containing more pork fat can be used in main course.

Tortilla Española

 Tortilla Española-Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays

Tortilla Española

Tortilla Española is one of the most common yet iconic dishes in Spain. This Spanish omelette is made with potatoes and onions, slow fried in olive oil. For the flavours to mix before cooking, the potatoes and onion are mixed with beaten eggs. Just like any omelette, you can add any toppings or seasoning to it, to make it your own. Tortilla Española is delicious, heavy and easy to make. It can be had for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Gambas al Ajillo

 Gambas al Ajillo -Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays

Gambas al Ajillo (Pic Credits:

A typical food in Spain, gambas al ajillo is a sizzling dish of prawns in olive oil. This heavenly delight for prawn lovers is seasoned with garlic, green chili and parsley. Gambas al ajillo, a simple dish with a tantalising aroma, can be made by frying some chili and garlic in the olive oil, along with the prawns and lastly adding some parsley to it. This delicious appetizer can be prepared in a few minutes and takes very less effort.

Patatas bravas

 Patatas bravas -Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays

Patatas bravas (Pic Credits:

One of the ultimate Spanish comfort foods, patatas bravas are irregularly shaped potatoes, deep fried and served with a delectable sauce. The most ubiquitous of appetizers found in Spain, it can vary a bit around the country. The name literally means “brave potatoes”, as it has a spicier sauce than what is usually consumed in Spanish cuisine. Every region has its spin on the sauce, from garlic mayonnaise dusted with smoked paprika to spicy ketchup.


 Fabada -Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays

Fabada (Pic Credits:

This hearty bean and sausage stew is a pork lover’s dream. It originated in Asturias, northern Spain. Fabada is a one pot pork feast which contains morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo, bacon and pork belly. The stew comprises of white bean and is spiced with pimentón (sweet smoked paprika) and saffron. It is the ultimate comfort food, usually had with bread at dinnertime.


 Churros -Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays


Churros are possibly the most famous Spanish street food worldwide. They are made from fried dough pastry, cut into sausage like sticks and doused with sugar powder. These fried dough fritters are generally had for breakfast along with warm, gooey chocolate.


 Turron -Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays

Turron (Pic Credits: )

Turron is an almond nougat confectionary and comes from the small town of Jijona in Alicante. It is made from locally produced almonds which are mixed with egg whites and honey. Pistachios can also be used as a substitute for almonds in this confectionery. It can be made into a round cake or a rectangular tablet. Turron is traditionally consumed across Spain in massive amounts around Christmas.

Leche frita

 Leche frita -Must Have Spanish Foods - Travco Holidays

Leche frita (Pic Credits:

Leche frita literally means fried milk. It is quite puzzling as we wonder how can you fry milk! The milk used here is converted to a cold, sweet pudding form. Milk is whipped up along with corn flour and egg yolks. It is then left to solidify in the refrigerator. This chilled pudding is cut into pieces and encased in breadcrumbs and then deep fried. It can be served warm or cold.

Whenever you are in Spain, these are some of the must have Spanish foods from their cuisine. After reading this, a trip to this beautiful country with its delectable food, will definitely be on your mind. Plan a safe trip to Spain with Travco Holidays Pvt. Ltd. Visit to book your tickets.

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