Preparing for an Essential Travel During the Pandemic


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Most of the world is proactively working to contain and control the spread of COVID-19. As the pandemic continues a year later, travellers still face risks associated with COVID-19. With the unprecedented surge of coronavirus cases in India from mid-April 2021, various countries have implemented a travel ban to and from India. We may not immediately be able to travel internationally on tours or for leisure and it is also advisable to postpone or avoid all domestic travels within the country during the pandemic.

Though COVID-19 is here to stay for years to come and we may need to always wear a mask and follow safety protocols when out, things will get better and travel bans will be relaxed. And when they do, there are many things that one can do to be prepared to travel. This could be either to travel back to your home country, for work purposes or to visit a family member. These tips may also come in handy when airports fully open and most countries allow tourism to fully restart. Here’s our checklist of the important ‘to-do’ things to prepare for an essential travel during the pandemic. These also include travel requirements and travel safety tips during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Check on Your Passport.

The first thing to do before any travel planning is to check on your passport validity. Most countries require a minimum validity of 6 months. Next, depending on the number of countries you will be travelling to or through, ensure there is an adequate number of available pages. This is important for airport arrival and departure formalities.

If you are a first-time traveller, check out passport application requirements and standard processing time. Apply for your passport accordingly. If you have a passport nearing expiration date, apply for ‘Re-issue of Passport’ based on ‘Due to expire’. For valid passports with limited number of pages left, apply based on ‘Exhaustion of pages’. Travco Holidays provides assistance in applying for Indian Passport and all its related services. We ensure proper passport documentation, quick & hassle-free processing of all Indian passport services.

Learn About Your Destination‘s Safety and Security Information.

Every country has alerts, a travel advisory, and other important details specific to that country. Knowing about the entry and exit requirements helps in quick and hassle-free airport security clearance experience.

Most countries have strict restrictions on what you can bring into that country. Some countries even prohibit over-the-counter medications. There is also a restriction on what items you can export or take with you when departing that country. Check out what is prohibited and what you are permitted to carry along – in your cabin or cargo luggage. If you intend to take your pet along on your travel, ensure following the airline carrier’s and country’s pet policies. You should also pay attention to the country-specific local customs and laws to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Additionally, check for all other travel requirements needed by the country you are travelling to during the pandemic.

Protect Your Health.

In recent times it is most important to get vaccinated for COVID-19 and carry the necessary proof along while travelling. Learn what medical services, if any, your existing health insurance will cover overseas. Remember to carry along your insurance policy identity card as proof of insurance as well as a claim form. Check out the best travel insurance for the country and the extent of your travel. It’s always better to be well prepared for just an additional cost.

Any existing health conditions in the country could also affect your travel. Some countries require travellers to have certain inoculations or medical tests before entering. This is called an International Certificate of Vaccination or Yellow Card. You can also source out a list of doctors, hospitals, and appropriate medical services in the country you are visiting.

Contact tracing and warning apps can also be voluntarily installed and used to alert if a person who has tested positive for the virus has been in near proximity. In the case of an alert, the app may provide relevant information from health authorities to get tested or to self-isolate, and who to contact.

Identify the Best Route.

Next to listing down the places to visit within the country, this can be an important part of the journey. Reaching to and from your destination comfortably and safely could prove to have a huge impact on your travel experience. You can opt for the fastest route or include stopovers in cities en-route. The airline experience and cost are also important factors for most people’s final decision on the route. The ticketing advisors at Travco Holidays carefully understand your requirements and ensure you get the best flight routing with a convenient connection. You can rest assured that you are getting prices lower than those of competitors.

Driving and Road Safety Abroad.

If you are thinking about driving in another country, know the road conditions, laws, and driving norms there. Learn about their rentals, vehicle and road safety, insurance coverage, traffic signs, and road maintenance standards.

Check out country-specific driver’s license and auto insurance requirements. Get an International Driving Permit through authorized automobile associations. Ensure carrying your existing documents along with you too. No matter where you are – always remember to buckle up, don’t drive and drink, and don’t use a mobile or any other appliances while driving. Follow the local laws and driving culture.

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Be Ready for Any Crisis Abroad.

The current pandemic has proven that it’s good to be prepared for any potential crisis while travelling. Have an emergency supply of food and water as well as a change of clothing and medication. Keep contact details of the nearest embassy or consulate close at hand. Have a list of emergency contacts handy. Create a communication plan for reaching them and be connected as regularly as possible.

If you are booking with a hotel or homestay, be sure to know the emergency plan for a variety of crisis events – fire, flood, electrical outage, storms, etc. It’s also advisable to be in touch with your tour operators, hotel staff, airlines, cruise company, and local officials for evacuation instructions.

Look Ahead to Safe Travels.

These were our tips to help you prepare for an essential travel during the pandemic. You can definitely look forward to being able to travel or take a holiday again after the travel ban in your country has been lifted. Of course, this comes with many precautions and adequate measures in place to stay safe and avoid catching the virus.

Our team at Travco Holidays urges you to stay at home for your safety. It’s a difficult time, but it’s a reminder that we’re in this together. Postpone all unessential travel and if at all you need to travel, strictly following COVID-19 protocols laid by the government.

If you need to travel, get in touch with us here . Our team in Goa can assist you with all your travel needs and online ticket bookings. We have a pro-customer approach and provide valued consultations. Our dedicated and excellent services turn every journey into a wonderful memory. You can also contact us for Portuguese Passport , Overseas Citizen of India , Attestation and Apostille , and any of our other services. We look forward to assist you on your journey.

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