Travelling in Times of COVID-19: What You Need to Know


Travel may currently be the last thing on people’s minds as long as the COVID-19 pandemic continues in some countries and travel bans exist. Many countries now have stricter social and community guidelines and more people being vaccinated. Everyone is focusing on recovering and moving forward as soon as possible. The world is slowly starting to get back on its feet and we will be able to travel as soon as things get back to normal.

Several countries have been recently opening up their borders to international tourists – partially or completely. There are bilateral air bubble agreements between countries to allow for safe essential travel and limited tourism. Many home-bound travellers are yearning for a vacation sometime in the near future. Here’s our advice on some of the things that may surely be on travel minds.

To Book or Not to Book a Vacation This Year.

Currently it is advisable to restrict immediate travel to most countries for essential requirements only. Keep track of the travel advice and health scenario of your selected destination. So even if it means waiting till the next year, it’s best to play it safe. Plan your travel for a time when travel restrictions are relaxed, COVID-19 preventive measures are eased, and the situation there returns to normal.

When Is the Best Time to Travel.

The best time to travel usually depends on factors such as the destination, pricing, demand and weather. It’s best to avoid travel during the high-peak season as it is generally more expensive and tourist areas tend to become overcrowded. The off-season sees the least amount of tourist activity and hotels compete for the most competitive prices. However, this could also be when weather conditions are less favourable. The summer is also expected to be a safer travel period in most countries. There are much lower rates of disease and lower infection rates than in the winter. Changing travel restrictions will also continue to shape travel to most countries. For quick and reliable access to this information be in touch with your travel agent. They will know the windows of opportunity to travel.

Where to Travel.

Everyone has a bucket list of places to visit at least once in a lifetime. Use the time at hand to go through your list and narrow down your choice. Remember to choose a country that is on the travel green list given the current crisis. Anyone travelling to these countries will be required to take one COVID-19 test before departure, and one PCR test on or before day two of arrival at the destination. Avoid countries that have restrictions on international flights from India. Make the most of your travel by working out the best itinerary of things to do and places to see during your trip. Your travel agent should be able to assist and advise you on the options and possibilities of the place.

How to Get There and Back.

Depending on the destination location, consider which is the safer method of travel to travel by – train, car or plane? Prioritize your travel options to where exposure to other people is limited. Airlines have reduced their seat capacities, flying schedules and frequencies across once-popular routes and to well-known destinations. So be sure to check with your travel agent on the best routes and fares for the period of your travel. Also enquire about their health safety guidelines like no-contact facilities, social distancing, sanitation, and wearing masks. Airlines are also keeping travellers informed on how safe it is to be on board by advertising the type and safety of their air filtration systems.

Health Safety Guidelines to Be Adhered To.

Though COVID-19 is still very much a reality and a risk, the vaccine rollout is slowly making things better in most countries. Many countries have announced that they will allow only fully vaccinated visitors to enter their borders. So get fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. You will also be required to show a negative COVID-19 test result within a certain period of time. Some places also require travellers to have other necessary vaccines or flu shot. Make sure to research additional travel restrictions and quarantine requirements for your destination as well as guidelines for when you return home.

Check on the Rescheduling or Refund Policies.

Due to the current pandemic, many businesses have been struggling to process cancellations. Know your rights in relation to any sudden changes in government guidelines caused by COVID-19 restrictions. These will depend on the terms and conditions of your bookings which will vary between different travel or accommodation providers. In some cases, the consumer might not be entitled to a full, or any, refund of their booking. Some may permit re-booking, or credit notes, rather than any form of refund for the cancelled booking. Your travel agent should be able to offer you the most economical yet flexible options. Opt for travel and accommodation providers that treat consumers fairly in these difficult circumstances.

Remember to Pack the Necessary Essentials.

Besides your medications, any travel pack should now include self-hygiene essentials like hand sanitizers, standard face masks or with removable filters, hard surface disinfectant sprays or antibacterial wipes, dispensable toilet seat wipes or seat covers. Some travellers may even prefer using gloves, a face shield and a smartphone sanitizer. Other handy travel essentials are – a thermometer to keep track of the body temperature, storage bags to keep essential items organized and sanitized and separate from dirty items.

Our team at Travco Holidays urges you to stay at home for your safety. It’s a difficult time, but it’s a reminder that we’re in this together. Postpone all unessential travel and if at all you need to travel, strictly following COVID-19 protocols laid by the government.

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